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Ravings, Musings, and Observations

Hela's Minion
Not posting an awful lot here these days and you might be disappointed if you're looking for anything juicy. But hey, I like to update now and then and let people know what's going on in my mundane life.

I have filters but I don't generally use them. I do however often friends-lock my posts.
I'm generally okay with people adding me, but there's no guarantee I'll add back.

The days of me posting deep musings are largely over and have been for a while but there's always the archive if you're curious. I found the journal useful previously for disclosure purposes, working out personal issues and early development of my spirit work. These days I don't have the same use for these things. :P I'm far more likely to bore you with talk about the meditative properties of swimming ;) Swimmin's my favourite ;)

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